Plumbing Skills needed

In every home I’ve lived in overseas, the plumbing has been a constant challenge. It’s one of those things that, if I’m not careful, Satan can use to push my buttons and turn an average day into a bad day. When coming back to America, I thought I had left that particular pet peeve behind me… I thought wrong!


Sunday while getting ready for church,

our entire home’s drainage clogged up. Yeah, it was gross. I spent several hours after church trying to fix things on my own. No success. Well, with no working toilets or drains in the house, we had to ‘evac’ to Erica’s parents home for the night.

Today a plumber came over and fixed the problem (for now). Then I spent the rest of the day disinfecting the house. Now Erica is complaining that my hands smell like bleach… I say that smell is better than the alternative!

I’m guessing this is a blessing though, next time I’m in China dealing with a plumbing issue, I’ll remember that these things happen in America too!