About Steve

Steve Webel is a cross-cultural professional, specializing in Asian cultures.  He is also a photography enthusiast.  He has lived and worked primarily in Asia for the past 13 years, giving him many opportunities to interact with people and cultures from all over the world and along the way, to capture interesting and unique photographs.  Steve’s photography has been published in several books and magazines, including some well known publications such as “Popular Photography.” (Jan ’09)  Also, he has won several photography awards and competitions, including first place in the Hunan, China provincial photography competition for expats in 2011.

Steve is married and he has five children (yes, you read that correctly – 5!), three precious daughters and two sons!  When Steve is not traveling around the world, he comes ‘home’ to South Florida and Texas.  Steve graduated from the University of Florida (GO Gators!) in 1996 with a BA in pedagogy and then in 2003 with a MA in Intercultural Studies.  Steve has been teaching Cross-Cultural Studies at the Hunan Institute of Science and Technology for the past several years, allowing him to live in and interact with the Chinese culture in an intimate way.

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